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Iron Maiden: Can't wait for them to deliver their new masterpiece. Topping AMOLAD will be near impossible but I'm sure they'll deliver something outstanding.

Avantasia: The Scarecrow was awesome, as was Tinnitus Sanctus.

Blaze Bayley: Didn't care for The Man That Would Not Die much so I'm hoping this one will be more like the first three albums. Watching the Night Sky has kinda dampened my hopes though.

Kamelot: I've thoroughly enjoyed every album since The Fourth Legacy so I'm betting this one will be good too.

Also, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Burzum, Alice Cooper (didn't know he was working on a new one), and Ozzy (pretty sure it will suck though). I think ICS Vortex will be releasing something next year, be it as a solo effort or with his old band.
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