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Basically a condensed, elaborated version of my list in the other thread:

Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony / Angel of Babylon. Admittedly I am a big Tobias Sammet fanboy and loved The Scarecrow and didn't hate the last Edguy record. Given the current guest list and all of his own and others' hype, I can't help but think this is going to be an amazing project. This definitely takes the cake for most-anticipated for me.

Iron Maiden - TBA. Come on, it's Maiden, obviously I'm really excited. Especially given that I'm apparently in the minority that really liked A Matter of life and Death.

Masterplan - TBA. Jorn is back. If this even comes close to the first two records I'm going to looove it.

Seventh Wonder - TBA. "Mercy Falls" is without ANY doubt the best record I heard this year, and has completely blown me away and become one of my favorite albums of the past 5 years, no question. It goes without saying I'm really, really excited.

Circus Maximus - TBA. "Isolate" was an incredible record that blended heavy prog metal with great AOR, and easily one of the best of '07 for me. Very excited to see where they're going with the next one.

Blind Guardian - TBA. It's been, as expected, quite a wait since A Twist in the Myth, and I personally think "Sacred" is better than everything on it. Also, my love for this band has done nothing but expand over the past 5 years.

A few random other notes/thoughts:
Circle II Circle: Something much more like Burden of Truth and much less like Delusions of Granduer would be highly appreciated.
Jon Oliva's Pain: They claim it's gonna be amazing, and I still think Jon has it in him, but this is a wildcard. Global Warning was pretty "meh".
Kamelot: Please be better than Ghost Opera.
Gamma Ray: Hoping they try some new things and don't stick too much to formulas, that's what held the last album back. I'm sure whatever they throw together though, I'll enjoy it.
Blaze Bayley: Be better than The Man Who Would Not Die.
Jag Panzer: Huge wildcard, it's been 6 years since the last record. Hopefully it rules.
Symphony X: Hopefully they reclaim some of their sonic diversity and atmosphere and play down the chugga chugga riffs and harsher vocals that were killing Paradise lost.
labyrinth: Rejoice, the classic lineup of one of prog/power's most underrated bands is back together, hopefully redeeming their awful last record.
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