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Most exciting releases of 2010

Sparked by an exchange with Maiden 33, what are people most excited about this year?

For me the first really exciting releases are Charred Walls of The Damned, Rage and Heathen.

There's also new stuff from Hellfueled and Orphaned Land in the first couple of months of the year, and a new Sodom DVD. After that... obviously new Maiden if they manage to get it out this year. New Black Label Society (yeah, fuck you all), ZZ Top, double Avantasia, Alice Cooper, Down, Venom, the Triptykon debut, Forbidden and Testament.

And even though they'll probably not be that great, Rob Zombie and Ozzy.

As for hopes, I hope Krux cross paths long enough to make the third album they want to make, and the Soundgarden, Saint Vitus and Goatsnake reunions produce new records.

But most of all, new Arena. Can. Not. Fucking. Wait.

1/12 Judas Priest
3/12 Deep Purple
5/12 Dan Patlansky
11/12 Dead Daisies

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