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Amazing Non-2009 Albums I Discovered This Year

Sugar- Copper Blue

After hearing Bob Mould's new solo album, I find out about his former side project, Sugar. They're 90's indie rock perfection. Catchy as hell, good lyrics, and even some awesome guitar solos.

Pixies- Surfer Rosa

I don't know why I'd never listened to these indie rock legends before, but when I finally got around to it I found out what I'd been missing all this time. This album is so delightfully strange and jittery, but still absolutely infectious. Everyone's heard "Where Is My Mind?" thanks to Fight Club, but you're cheating yourself if you don't listen to their other stuff. Even though this is my favorite album by them, Doolittle is great too, and has "Debaser," which is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Uncle Tupelo- 89/93: An Anthology

I'd heard Scott talk a lot about these guys, and as usual he was right about how awesome they are. If you like old-school country and folk, this band is right up your alley. I can also appreciate the constant theme of whiskey that is present throughout their work.

She & Him- Volume One

I already knew that Zooey Deschanel is one of the hottest women on the planet, but I didn't know she could sing, too. This project with M. Ward showcases her quirky-yet-beautiful voice, and the styles of music range from indie-pop to country to 50's girl group style tunes. A couple of songs border on being too cutesy (especially "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"), but overall this album just makes me really happy when I listen to it. Who knew Zooey had as much talent as beauty?
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