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Okay, I guess I'll air my grievances.

-Ohio State douchebags - If you're on campus and carrying books, we can assume that you go to Ohio State. You don't have to wear jerseys, t-shirts, hats, jackets, scarves, shoes, pants, shorts, and necklaces that bear the OSU logo every single day. Diversify your wardrobe, would ya? You aren't 'repping' for the school, while you're at school!
-Other Ohio State douchebags - Stop shooting your mouth off about how Michigan is a worse school than Ohio State (beyond football, because then we're better) when they outperform us in research, endowment, and nearly every other field imaginable.
-Chicks - I wish I was better at talking to girls...I can't read signals and I'm no good at socializing, so.....lets fix that. I won't rape you, and that fact should set me apart from most of the other guys at broSU
-Unnamed friend - Quit trying to get me to smoke weed. Thank you.
-Roommate - Download some more music. The same 10 songs have been playing for 3 months, and I'm loading the shotgun......Also, please bring two hot girls back to the room late at night, so I can bone one of them.
-Democrats - Quit being such fucking pussies! You're in power, now do something! I didn't vote Green Party just for you to sit on your hands and let the Republicans bully you.
-Glenn Beck - Die in a fire.
-Mead - Please come out right! First batch got ruined, and I am getting tired of buying honey and yeast!
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