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Originally Posted by Div View Post
To the asshole who lives in the other room on the first floor of my house: everyone fucking hates you and youre the most socially awkward, creepiest motherfucker ive ever met. we all know youve been living there for over 8 years, just move the fuck out already. seriously, you graduated over 4 years ago and youre still living there working night shifts at a pizza place? you should know that when people say hi to you its polite to say hi back to them, dick. and how do you manage to use an entire roll of toilet paper every two days? and how you bitched to the landlord that someone else was doing laundry? yea other people live here now you twat, and i beg the landlord every week to throw your ass out, your name isnt even on the lease so you dont have any rights here. oh, and how you keep turning the thermostat up to like 80 degrees because youre too cheap to buy a space heater like everyone else did? we all dont want to pay an extra $100 each per month in utilities, next time you do that im cutting the wire to the thermostat, noone cares if you think youre getting sick, infact we all would like you to just fucking die.

ok, got a little too peeved thinking about that last part
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