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hmmm, ok time for some venting i guess

To all the guidos: you're setting Italian Americans back 100 years you makeup wearing douchebags. stop walking around the city without shirts on to show off your roid abs. stop coming to class in wifebeaters, especially when its snowing outside. stop with the forced brooklyn accent, a jersey accent doesnt sound like people from long island do. and to the dudes infront of the frat houses on halloween in the chippendale costumes... you looked totally gay and none of the chicks were checking you out.

To the New Brunswick leader guys: what do you mean you dont clear snow off the streets? and on top of that you have the nerve to fine us $400 if we dont clear the sidewalks? are you kidding me? We already replaced the governor with a republican because of shit like that, dont think we wont vote your asses out too.

To the Rutgers University science department: I realize you guys get alot of cred and recognition, but the phrase "just fail with dignity" should never leave a professors mouth you arrogant twats. Take your fucking arrogance and your Ph.D's and shove them up your ass, everyone knows the GOOD scientists work at corporations and the shitty ones become professors.

To the Rutgers University food cafeteria people: if I want to get two helpings of takeout food and give one to food for homeless people thats my fucking business. im overpaying for this shit anyway and everyone knows the meal swipes are a scam.

To all the girls who didnt spontaneously swarm me like a rock star and beg me to go out with them: your loss baby

and finally:

To the asshole who lives in the other room on the first floor of my house: everyone fucking hates you and youre the most socially awkward, creepiest motherfucker ive ever met. we all know youve been living there for over 8 years, just move the fuck out already. seriously, you graduated over 4 years ago and youre still living there working night shifts at a pizza place? you should know that when people say hi to you its polite to say hi back to them, dick. and how do you manage to use an entire roll of toilet paper every two days? and how you bitched to the landlord that someone else was doing laundry? yea other people live here now you twat, and i beg the landlord every week to throw your ass out, your name isnt even on the lease so you dont have any rights here. oh, and how you keep turning the thermostat up to like 80 degrees because youre too cheap to buy a space heater like everyone else did? we all dont want to pay an extra $100 each per month in utilities, next time you do that im cutting the wire to the thermostat, noone cares if you think youre getting sick, infact we all would like you to just fucking die.

ok, got a little too peeved thinking about that last part
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