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Genre lists

No idea if there are previous threads like this...

Death Metal:
10. Blood Freak- Sleaze Merchants
9. Jungle Rot- Slaughter the Weak
8. Cattle Decapitation- To Serve Man
7. Impaled- Mondo Medicale
6. Cannibal Corpse- Eaten Back to Life
5. Massacre- From Beyond
4. Bolt Thrower- Realms of Chaos (Slaves to Darkness)
3. Autopsy- Mental Funeral
2. Carcass- Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious
1. Impetigo- Horror of the Zombies

Black Metal:
10. Behexen- Ritual Satanum
9. Dark Funeral- Secrets of the Black Arts
8. Rotting Christ- Thy Mighty Contract
7. Beherit- Drawing Down the Moon
6. Satanic Warmaster- Strength and Honor
5. Darkthrone- Transylvanian Hunger
4. Gorgoroth- AntiChrist
3. Bestial Warlust- Blood and Valour
2. Barathrum- Legions of Perkele
1. Immortal- At the Heart of Winter

Thrash Metal:
10. Municipal Waste- Harzardous Mutation
9. Necronomicon- Escalation
8. Ghoul- Maniaxe
7. Rigor Mortis- Rigor Mortis
6. Toxic Holocaust- Evil Never Dies
5. Razor- Violent Restitution
4. Metallica- Ride the Lightning
3. Sabbat- A History of Time to Come
2. Slayer- Show No Mercy
1. Sodom- Persecution Mania

Heavy Metal:
10. Motorhead- Motorhead
9. King Diamond- Conspiracy
8. Venom- Welcome to Hell
7. Griffin- Flight of the Griffin
6. G.I.S.M.- M.A.N.
5. Tank- Filth Hounds from Hades
4. Cirith Ungol- One Foot in Hell
3. Iron Maiden- Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
2. Witchfinder General- Death Penalty
1. Mercyful Fate- Melissa

10. Regurgitate- Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood
9. S.O.B.- Don't Be Swindle
8. Phobia- Cruel
7. Brujeria- Matando Gueros
6. Cattle Decapitation- Human Jerky
5. Insect Warfare- World Extermination
4. Impetigo- Ultimo Mondo Cannibale
3. Repulsion- Horrified
2. Napalm Death- Scum
1. Carcass- Reek of Putrefaction

I just made 4 lists, probably more to come, of the best 10 albums within certain genres. You should to. Feel free to comment.

Also not these are just my favorite albums within said genres, not most influential etc.

Edit: I made it so you don't have to click anything to view mine.

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