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Originally Posted by Chyck View Post
I saw that, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you little bitch

... Dude, where I was coming from, were free and clear. You must've left pretty late.

Holy shit - thanks for having this in your sig! I didn't realize they were doing a show on Pearl St!

he stuck the mic in alot of peoples faces I was the big kid with the plain black hoodie and gotee.It was deff a life goal achieved

ya you must not have gone south then I live closer to the cape, it normally takes an hour/hour and a half to get to the palladium from my house depending on traffic and shit,but this time it took over 3hours going 20-30 in a 65(we drove right into the storm)...not too fun but overall worth it.

ya like I said me and my friends are coming from closer to the cape but we decided fuck it lets take a road trip and go see atr,cause have nothing to do lol.Should be fun get tickets soon if you can cause i heard that place is only like 700 people,and atr being from mass itll probably sell out.

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