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illninoese's Top Albums Of 2009

This is my third consecutive year making this list but only my first year the I actually dedicated a decent amount of time into actually listening to a lot of albums. I will be updating the rankings until the 31st of December. As for how I actually went about listening to these albums, I listened to each one 2-3 times; once sober while just relaxing and watching visualizations in Windows Media Player as the album played (just me and the music to focus on) and once high on marijuana since I understand the music on a deeper level when I listen to it then. If after those 2 listens I felt that the album really stood out to me and I was having trouble ranking it, I would listen to it a third time just through headphones while I was doing my list of stuff for the day. The list is broken up into Albums and EP's for now. I will add Re-Releases, Remasters, and Compilations along with Live Albums in separate groups if I review any of those before the year is out.

Here's a link to the list:

Possible Upcoming Album Reviews:
- Fragmentary Evidence by Augury
- Strange Cousins From The West by Clutch
- Gin by Cobalt
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