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I was also there lat night...Fucking unreal show

thy will be done were great, much better then born of osiris, that band sucks, and I was glad to hear they arent allowed to play at the palladium any more,why I have no idea but as long as I dont have to sit through them again im happy. Did any one else participate in the pit during the short cover of raining blood that twbd played...prolly the most intense 30 sec of my life,and def the most intense iv seen a crowd get from a cover ,at least that I can remember.They were also very clear I could understand everything where as the last few times iv seen them they seemed kinda muffled. I give them a 8/10

Hate Eternal was a let down.Im not their biggest fan but i figured the pit would at least be fun to watch,but no one seemed to care they were playing.Every song sounded exactly the same as the one before it.It was actually so boring at one point my friends and I started doing the hokey pokey instead of watching the band.I give em a 4/10

The home town boys unearth tore it up.fucking amazing show outa them,lots of energy, very clear,pit was insane trevor phillips really knows how to get a crowd to move.but you can say that about any of the last three bands really.9/10

Like hate eternal I am not a huge cannibal corpse fan,but I knew damn well what was gona take place when they hit the stage.Since I wouldnt consider myself a real fan of theirs I decided to watch from the floor but in the back,and just headbang a little.All I say is that the pit that was taking place infront of me looked like a fucking apocalypse.what amazed me the most about them was even with the vocals being what they are I could still make out words...thats how clear they sounded.So many people walked away from that pit significantly was the case during the entire show. 9/10

Now for me the band I was there to see was hatebreed,and they were the best band of the night.amazing show from hatebreed.My 2nd time seeing them.their stage set was really cool with a huge banner of their new self titled album behind them and then the drum set being wrapped in xmas lights.I Got to sing with Jasta for a sec cause he stuck the mic in my face during In Ashes They Shall Reap.when they played I will be heard every person and their mothers asked me to lift them up to go crowd arms are still sore today from that shit.9.5/10

The only thing that sucked about this show was the snow storm that happend.It wasnt fun driving in,and it kept alot of people home although the bottom level of the palladium was still packed pretty good,there wasnt as many people there as I believe there woulda been if we hadnt gotten snow,but as long as the floor is packed(witch it was)its still a fun time.I cant really move my neck or arms ,and I might have broken my nose,very much worth it.If you didnt make it out to this tour you missed out on somthing special.try and catch these guys when they come around on their different tours.

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