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I'm glad someone else was there and taking notes. The energy in the Palladium left almost no room for me to take photographs (which I always do), let alone remember or take notes on the order of songs (which I occasionally attempt).

Truth be told, I'm usually a melodic death metaller who is trying to branch out into other genres. Being an Unearth fan, and knowing enough of Cannibal Corpse to fake it, I figured I'd give this show a try. I am so freakin' glad I did.

I got there halfway through Thy Will Be Done, so no comments here. Yeah, Hate Eternal was a total letdown, though I partially blame it on the lack of audience participation.

I think it was Rutan that mentioned that Born of Osiris is actually banned from the Palladium. Is that true or was that just an excuse?

Agreed - Unearth destroyed. The pit felt AWESOME. If this is what a typical metalcore pit is like, it's clear I need to be involved in more.

I actually left the pit for Cannibal Corpse and you can call me a pussy if you wish, but I have my reasons. I spent the set switching between staring at Corpsegrinder and staring at the pit. Both = INSANE. I would have placed their set over Hatebreed's based on audience insanity. Watching one very small man or woman get flung a few feet above the audience for crowd surfing was a highlight. Seeing a couple people stumble by holding potentially broken noses was pretty intense, too.

It's been said before, but I'll say it again, Jamey Jasta is an amazing frontman. I don't even like Hatebreed all that much and I had a great time. I think the pit slowed down for them, though. And by slow down, I mean there was the potential to be in the pit and actually stay still... if you were on the edge.

All in all, I have to say that you metalcore / death metallers are out of your minds and, while I won't be purchasing a lot of albums from this genre, I'll definitely see you at shows.
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