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Hatebreed -- Worcester, MA -- December 19th, 2009

Absolutely fantastic show. The only negative was that Born Of Osiris didnt show.

Thy Will Be Done opened up the show. This is my 4th time seeing them and my far the best i have seen them play. They really seemed to have steped their game up. I will proably check out their album now. Solid start to the evening for sure. 7.5/10

? for the most part i know they played Earth's Final Embrace and Civilzations,Dynatsies and Empires (the title is something along those lines)

Hate Eternal was up next. I gotta say I was pretty letdown. I mean they are very good on disc but live they didn't perform that well. Erik Rutan was nailing his solos but vocally he seemed kind out of it. I talked to a couple kids around after their set and they were pretty disapointed as well. One kid said that was the 4th time he has seen them and that was by far the worst show he's seen them play. Pretty big letdown 6.5/10

1.Bringer Of Storms
2.Behold Judas
5.To Know Our Enemies
6.The King Of All Kings

Unearth on the other hand tore it up. The show they put on was absolutely killer. The energy was insane and their playing was flawless. I have also heard a lot of complaints about the song choices. Sure Giles and a couple of other III:In The Eyes Of Fire songs would be pretty sick but I have no problem with their what-so-ever. They said they are coming back for headlining tour in the spring which is great news. 9/10

1.The Great Dividers
2.My Will Be Done
3.Crow Killer
4.This Lying World
5.Grave Of Opportunity
6.Sanctity of Brothers
8.We Are Not Annoymous
9.Black Hearts Now Reign

The almighty Cannibal Corpse also put on a killer show. I got to say I love the set choices. Vomit The Soul and Fucked With A Knife were proably the highlights of their set for me. Defintley better than when i saw them at Mayhem Fest. On another note i think Corpsegrinder might be the best headbanger of all time and his banter is fucking hysterical. 9/10

1.Evisceration Plague
2.The Time To Kill Is Now
3.Death Walking Terror
4.I Cum Blood
5.Fucked With A Knife
6.Pit Of Zombies
7.The Wrecthed Spawn
8.Make Them Suffer
9.Vomit The Soul
10.Priests Of Sodom
11.Unleashing The Bloodthristy
12.Hammer Smashed Face
13.Stripped,Raped and Strangled

Hatebreed all iIhave to say is holy shit. I have never been surprised at how good a band is live. They flat out dominated the stage and Jamey Jasta is one of the best metal frontmen around period. Absoulety jaw-dropping insane goodness plus they had killer songs choices. I really do hope they play Mayhem Fest in 2010 because i need them again ASAP. 9.5/10

1.Everybody Bleeds Now
2.In Ashes They Shall Reap
3.Smash Your Enemies
4.Merciless Tide
5.Kill An Addict
6.A Call For Blood
7.Before Dishonor
8.Tear It Down
9.To The Threshold
10.Live For This
12.As Diehard As They Come
13.Last Breath
14.Ghosts Of War
18.Destroy Everything
20.I Will Be Heard
11/28 ABR/ETID
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