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All right, I listened to them all on youtube so I figured I'd rate them.

Evile- cemetary gates does it justice. quite good

Zakk Wlyde- suicide note, part 1 his voice is weird on it. good cover, I guess, I'm not a huge fan of the original anyhow. he adds a solo which is cool

Sylosis- strength beyond strength one of the best covers on here. Very good

Kiaus- this love that was seriously some of the weirdest, and worst, shit I have ever heard

Chimaria- slaughtered solid cover. I like it

Machine head- fucking hostile ehhh, not bad I guess. kinda boring. It's not a boring song but it's a fairly boring cover. doesn't do too much for me

FFDP- a new level what do you think? hahahah. But to tell you the truth, it wasn't horrible. it definitely could've been better, though.

Unearth- sandblasted skin wow...nice. one of the best covers on the CD, without a doubt. KICK-ASS.

Biohazard- mouth for war Solid cover

This is Hell- rise I thought it would fit, having a hardcore band cover this song because it kinda has a hardcore attitude, but it didn't work. It didn't completely suck, but they're isn't anything slightly gratifying about it.

Throwdown- becoming
How convenient, having a Pantera rip-off actually cover Pantera. I can't really say whether this is a good or bad cover, all I can say is that it's basically identical to the original. Boring...

Malefice- I'm broken Hmmm....I liked it

avenged sevenfold- walk oh hell no. haha the guy is trying to sound badass but he comes off as a pussy

nonpoint- 5 minutes alone epic fail. the guy's vocals just don't work. if anything, this song should be covered with all screaming or growling...not singing.
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