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Here is the beginning of my list which starts off with a thud at 70-68.

70. Green Day-21st Cenutry Breakdown

Where to start with this doo-doo fest? This is seriously some of the most garbage material i have ever heard. To be honest i went in with no expectations at all and still felt i had been slapped in the face after listening to it. It's now confirmed that this band is done for after this and American Idiot. It's a shame to with all the great material they had released before this 2 album streak that has pretty much derailed them musically in my book.

69. Rose Funeral-The Resting Sonata

As I am fan of a handful of deathcore bands I went into this album with open mind. Sadly this album just reinforces why most deathcore is fucking terrible. Some of the most generic,craptastic breakdown-filled shit i have heard in a while. I mean really have no big issue with breakdowns but the ones on this album are really poorly done. Rose Funeral is one of the reasons that deathcore is one of the most dreaded words in all of metal.

68. Jay-Z-The Blueprint 3

Another album that could have been great due to Jay-Z good track record in the past but of course he had to sellout. The main problem with this album is the lyrics which are god awful. Also the fact that is album is sickeingly mainstream even for Jay-Z makes me pretty sad. This song was made for radio hits and nothing else and to see Jay-Z go down this path is just wrong. Just like Green Day he was one of the best at what he did now that is just a distant memory.
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