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Originally Posted by bt11763 View Post
i hope you don't write papers like that. periods, my good man, periods.

also, cannibal corpse is always like, and it's awesome. they don't fuck around, you can feel the brutality coming from them just by their stage presence alone.

i like theatrics, but it would never work with CC.
I don't write papers since i'm 31 and I haven't been in school in quite awhile and my job doesn't require much writing at all. I was never a creative writting major to begin with anyways Do you mean there were too many periods or not enough? If you can educate me on the art of when and when not to use periods that would be a great help and make my quailty of life so much better.

Ok enough with the jokes now. That's cool that CC does that and it's true you can feel that but I thought maybe since they were back where they got their start they might have been a little excited but you're right after seeing them it doesn't seem to fit the image.

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