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i was there last night too. was able to go backstage and meet gwar in character/costume, which made me sooooo fucking happy.

my 4th time seeing them, probably the best performance i've seen them put on, i could have wished for a better set list, very LIS heavy, which isnt a bad thing however, because the new album is good and a lot better live. but i was very happy that they had more theatrics, blood, and bile driving than last year at Irving for the electile dysfunction tour.

about my fourth time seeing JFAC, and by far the best time. they have really stepped up their performance, every other time they would just kinda stand on stage and play, which was fine, but now they were all raging and seemed really into it. great crowd interactions too, especially when i yelled at Johnny that he had a nice loogie hanging from his beard.

set list is pretty well represented in this thread:

adding Bearing the Serpent's Lamb, To Detonate and Exterminate, possibly one or two more.

first time seeing the red chord, and i enjoyed them a good deal. they're a bit much on the deathcore side, but it's not really a bad thing to begin with because they don't overkill it and they make up for it with all the other elements they throw in. and i wouldn't say they were coming off as "pompous" at all, they just seemed to be having fun.

as far as i know the set list was accurately represented in the other thread
9/5-Altar of Plagues
9/25-St. Vitus
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