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Paul Di'Anno -- Winterthur, Switzerland -- March 25th, 2005

Unfortunately the venue, which could hold about 300 people was only half filled

The guys began in time with Ides of March and went straight into Wrathchild, where THE MAN appeared on stage.
I saw the overweight man on the stage and was a bit sceptic, but then he began to sing... and he sang and screamed like a young god.
As you can see on the setlist, he also sang songs from his Murder One album, and I didn't know any of the songs before, so it was a bit of surprise for me. The rest of the show where the Maiden classics.
He sang raw and brutal, then soft and full of emotion... he blew me away.

Hecho must have a brother.. there was a guy who yelled 666 all the time. Paul made a lot of fun of this guy

It was a great gig... worth every single Cent I had to pay for it. He still is a great entertainer, enjoying himself on stage. Sometimes even the young Paul Di'Anno flashed through, when he was smiling.

My rating: 9.5/10.
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