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i stuck around for Hatebreed and it was well worth it. Hatebreed and CC both definitely destroyed the crowd. Unearth impressed again as always. First time seeing Hate Eternal and they slayed also.

The Great Dividers
My Will Be Done
Crow Killer
This Lying World
Grave Of Opportunity
Sanctity Of Brothers
We Are Not Anonymous
Black Hearts Now Reign

Everyone Bleeds Now
In Ashes They Shall Reap
Smash Your Enemies
Merciless Tide
To The Threshold
Never Let It Die
Burn The Lies
Straight To Your Face
Burial For The Living
Beholder Of Justice
Hollow Ground
Ghosts Of War
As Diehard As They Come
Tear It Down
Driven By Suffering
Live For This
Destroy Everything
I Will Be Heard
Last Breath
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