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D.R.I. -- Springfield, VA -- December 12th, 2009

Late show, doors at 8, with the last minute addition of Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, after 5 local bands. Kurt Brecht was manning the merch table, and I chatted with him for a minute, really cool guy.

DRI's posted setlist was:

Who Am I
Dead in a Ditch
Suit & Tie Guy
Problem Addict
Rather be Sleeping
Beneath the Wheel
Mad Man
Couch Slouch
Equal People
Yes Ma'am
The Explorer

The Application
How to Act
Do the Dream
Commuter Man

I'm the Liar
Argument Then War
Wages of Sin

Dry Heaves
I Don't Need Society
Soup Kitchen
A Coffin
Against Me

Violent Pacification
Acid Rain
Five Year Plan

BOLD = cut

However, due to VA laws, the venue has to close at 2AM, and DRI had to cut songs from their set. I'm not absolutely sure about which ones, as I am more familiar with their material after the Crossover album.

The audience was a majority of punks with a few metalheads in leather and denim that kept everything nice and thrashy (thrash till death!), though the moshers were a bunch of idiots (violently bashing in to people that obviously did not want to mosh, and were well out of the way).

DRI was very energetic onstage, Kurt and Harold O. keeping the crowd interested, and Spike was intense, but let Kurt shine. Kurt's voice was perfect, sounded just like the albums. DRI came onstage asking "What the fuck? Who are YOU? WHO AM I?" and ripped straight into "Who Am I" and played for roughly an hour, though there were some feedback issues with Spike's wireless system, they got through their set with no other issues.

tl;dr: DRI still rules, and you should go see them.

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