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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
A band I've NEVER heard of and they get 2 pages of responses?!?!

Just because you've never heard of them doesn't mean they don't exist.

The Dethklok/Mastodon tour was a current tour, so there are going to be a lot of sets posted about them. The line-up was pretty diverse (with bands that have definitely been around more than ten years), so lots of people are going to these shows and lots of people are liking these shows and lots of people are talking about these shows. No disrespect to Uriah Heep, I'm sure metal would be a pretty different place without them in the past, but face the facts: They are nowhere near as popular as Dethklok or Mastodon currently. And I don't know if I'd put them above Tegan & Sara either.
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