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Originally Posted by jeremysaal View Post
Hey man, they are playing Toronto on 2/19/10. I've done the Buffalo to Toronto trip in just a couple of hours. Hopefully, the roads will be clear and the customs agents will let everyone through quickly at the border.

Get your butt to Toronto!

Good luck!

I know they're playing Toronto and i've made the trip from here up there many times before. It probably takes 2 hours or a little less to get there from where I am the problem is the people who work at the border have made it more of a pain in the ass to cross nowadays and you're sometimes looking at a long delay there before you get it. I'm not a patient person so I don't really consider it worth the hassel now. When I make a road trip for a show I like to just be able to get in the car and go there and not worry about bullshit like that.

The main point is that there are tons of fans in NY state that are getting completely ignored because they haven't got anything booked in the state outside of NYC which is crap. I'll look into going to the Toronto show it's on a friday so it's a possibility.
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