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Volbeat -- Hollywood, CA -- December 9th, 2009

Amazing fuckin show. They are becoming one of my favorite bands. This was a one-off headline show they played at the Troubadour on a night off from their Metallica tour. They loved the small club setting and crowd so much that they played three more songs in addition to the 17 songs on the set list.

I interviewed the front man Michael Poulsen too. Review and interview to be posted soon. Pics here:

1. Hallelujah Goat
2. Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood
3. Boa
4. Radio Girl
5. Caroline Leaving
6. Mary Ann's Place
7. Sad Man's Tongue
8. A Moment Forever
9. A Warrior's Call
10.Mr. And Mrs. Ness
11.Pool Of Booze Booze Booza
12.Angel Fuck (Misfits cover)
13.Another Day Another Way
14.Caroline #1
15.The Garden's Tale
16.I Only Wanna Be With You

17.The Human Instrument
18.Rebel Monster
20.Still Counting
21.South Of Heaven intro
22.Raining Blood (first 60 seconds)
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