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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
Can anyone tell me what time Warbringer start their set?

I'll most probably have to miss Warbringer because I have a meet-n-greet with Megadeth which starts at 6. But after having gone through the things that happened to me in Vancouver, I am ready to sacrifice anything to meet Megadeth.
In Fargo, Warbringer followed Arcanium. Arcanium started at 6:40 or so and played for about a half hour. Warbringer probably had their stuff set up within 10 minutes. 7:20 or so, I would guess. The show had a start time of 6:30, so a ten minute late start wasn't too bad.

Good luck! Don't miss Megadeth, but try to make sure that you catch Warbringer!
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