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Satyricon -- Munich, Germany -- December 7th, 2009

This was the third time I saw Satyricon and again they put on a great show. But befrore Satyricon started we had to go through tree support acts, namely Posthum, Dark Frotress and Shining. Of these three, the band that stood out the most to me was Dark Fortress. I didnīt know their songs before but I really enjoyed them live. Shining wasnīt bad either, the music they do is great but I just canīt stand their singer. Posthum went on first and did a horrible job. Very unprofessional and no one really seemed to care about them.

After sitting through these three band Satyricon finally took over the stage. The main focus lied on their last three records, which I think is good, because I like their newer stuff. But of course they played some older stuff too, but nothing form Dark Medieval Times or Shadowthrone.
Satyr was great as always and showed once again that he is one hell of a frontman. The way he interacts with the crows is very special.
The setlist was mainly the same as it was one year ago when they last played in Munich. Some minor changes like leaving out The Sign Of The Trident (which is my favorite song from Age of Nero) and playing Den Siste instead. Of course the crowd really went nuts when Satyricon ended the concert with the classic Mother North.
Overall it was a great show from Satyricon just like the two I have seen before.

Repined Bastard Nation
The Wolfpack
Now, Diabolical
Supersonic Journey
Black Crow On A Tombstone
A New Enemy
Die By My Hand
Den Siste
The Pentagram Burns
Fuel For Hatred
Mother North

P.S: I have some pictures too, maybe Iīll post them later.

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