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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Yeah I've heard that from several people who had to deal with her. Who runs off stage and goes and hides on their tour bus? I'm sure she gets hounded and probably would clash majorly with an alpha personality like Ivan but the rest of the band came out and partied and met people. Granted they were all mostly looking for ass but still...

Speaking of that for this tour the 1st 100 chicks are in free to each show. That's what I heard at Chameleon Club show at least...

Actually if you know Otep's music and the way her personality comes off you can't be the least bit surprised that she would just run off to the tour bus and be by herself. She doesn't exactly strike me as someone who's friendly and likes to hang out and party.

This tour is hitting my city on Feburary 11th and i'm deffinately going. I'm gonna try and get in front for the SF set. It'll be my third time seeing them i've only seen them headline once and that was when they toured for TOL. It's a shame they have to do so many opening gigs since they should be out on their own. I'm not sure how strong their fanbase is now they did change a lot with TWW and TOL so they may have lost some of the original fans and are trying to build a new fanbase now. Unfortunately though it goes by who's more popular and 5 Finger gets some radio play while SF doesn't and that's why they're headling over them. Tour bookers gotta put who will sell tickets in the headline spot not who's better musically.

The "Fresh Meat For Ivan" is funny because when I read about the first 100 ladies thing that's immediately what I thought to. I'm not sure how it is at other venues but tickets are only $20 bucks for my show. That's cheap and surprising since i'm seeing Hatebreed on Monday at the same venue and the tickets were $25. Maybe the added an extra few bucks to the Hatebreed ticket because CC is originally from here and the venue is trying to cash in on that.

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