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Iwrestledabearonce -- Lancaster, PA -- Decemeber 8th, 2009

first to start, Krysta the singer essentially blew out her voice last night, and they found out it was tonsilitis (sp), so she couldn't perform due to her lack of voice, and to fulfill the tour, and not cancel the show/tour, they decided to do an instrumental show, and they invited people on the stage to sing the words.
Here was the setlist to the best of my knowledge
You Ain't No Family
Alaskan Flounder Basket
The Cats Pajamas (i think)
Danger in the Major
See You In Shell
Ulrich Freebird: Breaker of Mountains
Still Jolly After All These Years
Corey Feldman Holocoust (my fave song, so glad they played it)
Tastes Like Kevin Bacon

Here's where the memerable part comes in, I actually got the balls to get up on stage (along with another guy), to sing 'Kevin Bacon'. It was fun as shit (yes i was able to do the death vocals), and probably the only intelligible part of my vocals were the clean singing, towards the end (before the military call, then breakdown), and the euro dance part. I probably hit notes i never thought i could during that part.
I hope to god someone taped it somehow, and puts it on youtube. Also the great part to, was Steven the lead guitar player, who also served as MC for the night, asked if i was Asain, and then mentioned that i had the best beard he's ever seen on an asain. lol.

He also said that they will make up this date (and prob the others on the tour) in a few months
and shockingly, Miss May I was actually very good, and i picked up their CD in the back since it was $5.00.
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