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wow thats pathetic how ffdp acts twards their supporting bands.they should have respect for shadows fall in perticular. Shadows Fall is in every way their superiors and I just cant fathom how ffdp is headlining over them and their not really even playing along set.Dont get me wrong I like ffdp's music but ill never look at them the same way again.If people here in mass knew about that shit i doubt theyd make it out the door,or at least every one would leave after sf.It is a fucking travesty man.

Oh I did want to ask how was the turn out for this show cause the tour is coming back my way and for 20/25 bucs i think im gona go this time.

12/19/09 Hatebreed/Unearth/Hate Eternal
1/29/10 Devil Driver/Suffocation
2/6/10 Shadows Fall/FFDP
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