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Originally Posted by Heiden View Post
Later when Decrepit Birth was almost done they were thanking the bands one by one and when he said Rose Funeral their was like one person left (most of them left after RF) who cheered, which surprisingly pissed off the singer as he said "Man that was fucking bullshit, they're a bunch talented (ed. note: *almost vomits) kids, show them some respect".
Hahaha! Pretty much the exact same thing happened at the Tulsa show. All the bands HAVE to know that Rose Funeral is by far the worst, most untalented band on that tour, and Bill was probably just trying to make them feel at home or something.

Originally Posted by Heiden View Post
The only thing that irritated me was Vader INSANELY SHORT SET-LIST. 10 songs?
Yeah, they've shortened it a bit. I was pretty pissed at that too. But even with the short set it was still amazing and I still had a blast.
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