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Rose Funeral fucking blew here in Houston too. Luckily that pathetic Trivium/WhiteChapel tour was in town too so most of the scene kids were most likely at that one. The fucking fat guitarist starting running in place or what ever he was doing in the middle of a song and me and my friends burst out laughing. Later when Decrepit Birth was almost done they were thanking the bands one by one and when he said Rose Funeral, their was like one person left (most of them left after RF) who cheered, which surprisingly pissed off the singer as he said "Man that was fucking bullshit, they're a bunch talented (ed. note: *almost vomits*) kids, show them some respect". Oh well, I don't particularly care for DB much anyways.
Augury were fucking awesome. Personally, I really like The Amenta. Really cool guys, I went out and had sushi with them a few hours before the show. And Vader fucking ruled. The crowd was depressingly small but those who were there went crazy when they came on. Peter said "You all prove that you don't need to have 1000 people to have an awesome time". The Amenta guys were going crazy in the pit too. People started crowd surfing on stage, a whole bunch all of a sudden but the had to put a stop to that since they were nearly landing on the members pedals. Crowd surfing with 40-50 people, you don't see that often. Then Vader chants started like 5 different time between songs. The only thing that irritated me was Vader INSANELY SHORT SET-LIST. 10 songs? Ugh... I had finals in the morning so it was actually more of a good thing. And got to have to a nice long chat with Peter after the show. So overall it was pretty awesome.

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