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Originally Posted by psicosis91 View Post
you got Fade to Black at your show? damn man! well at my show the best we got was The Four Horsemen
It seems every time they do Fade To Black now someone in the thread mentions how great it is that they played it. It makes me feel more fortunate that 5 of the 6 times i've seen them live they've done it. Back in the 90's I saw them 4 times and it was a standard in the set and very rarley not played. The same goes for The Four Horsemen as well it's odd not to see that in every night like it used to be as well. But switching it up gives the fans different songs to hear and a new experience each time they see them so it isn't all bad.

I guess it's just strange for me to see how often those two songs used to be played to now seeing everyone freak out when they do get played. The same goes for Creeping Death. My, how times have changed.

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