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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I don't think I have ever seen more people more missing the point.

Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
@ BlackmoreofBowling: How the fuck are you even considering the notion that TSO isn't a band?
As I stated earlier, the basic aesthetics of this collaboration are Andrew Lloyd Webber-style Opera with Heavy Metal and Classical influences. It was once a band, but it's an annual cultural event now.

Originally Posted by Spiral_Slave
Dude, who the fuck are you? Maybe if you'd take Joe Walsh's balls out of your mouth for a few seconds you'd realize that people have other tastes. Did I say Joe Walsh was a shitty person, and has not influenced anything? No, I said I personally hate The Eagles, and it was IN MY OPINION a stupid thing to do at a Trans-Siberian Orchestra show. Fuck you.
All I read here was a wall of bitching and crying. I never once said anything negative about Savatage. All I stated was the influence that Joe Walsh had on a much bigger and broader genre, and likewise how his appearance at a performance which boasts much more appeal towards fans of that genre (in addition to many other genres); old and new was significant to that effect. I realize that this is a Metal message board, and that you don't like The Eagles, and that's perfectly fine, but the highest form of ignorance is to dismiss something that you know nothing about. Aren't special guest appearances serve as a matter of not solely upon surprising the audience with greater name value for the show, but ultimately more music and a more enjoyable experience? TSO performances alone accomplish these principles, and special guest appearances are the added bonus.
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