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TSO is sadly not directed at Savatage fans or even metal fans. I think its going to be interesting to see how they handle their non seasonal tour in the spring because I think that will be more of a metal crowd.

I have seen them every year for 8 years and aside from one year down here it was always the east coast group. Its always a good show. I definitely think they need to do more vocal songs in their second half. Its gotten way to instrumental heavy. I don't understand WHY they even did The Mountain. Its completely out of place as a TSO song. Its to heavy for their target audience and Chris is a fine guitarist but he can not pull off that song live, Criss could.

Believe is a different story. Most everyone I talked to considered that the highlight of the show. Hockenberry did a really good job. And he especially kills it live. On the album its kind of puzzling, it lacks the emotion that Jon had when he sang it. Live though its there. Yes his voice is different but its equally powerful. I have more of a problem with how they cut out alot of the melodies and leads layered underneath the last half of the song.

Some of the instrumentals they do are useless to. I was really hoping to see them do Mozart and Madness live, hopefully thats one they will do on their spring tour cause I always thought that was Savatage's best instrumental.

I can see why some were upset on the "big suprise" mislead. What with it being Tampa I to would have figured on a Savatage song. (Gutter Ballet with Jon would be awesome). However its definitely true that the TSO audience is much more likely to enjoy them covering some Joe Walsh stuff than doing some old Savatage tunes with Jon or Zak.

Also second the idea that they need to do Back to A Reason Part 2 and or What Child is This. Evans rocks, use him. I didn't miss it but I noticed they finally cut a song from the first half of the show. No more "Promises to Keep" in fact they didn't really have a lead female singer at all this time around. They did a sort of round robin mutilation of Christmas Cannon Rock that I didn't really care for, except for the brunette none of them really were pulling it off.

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