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I'm a little late getting around to this. For my review. I was not very happy that I ended up missing Warbringer. Pretty pissed by that but I did see them w/ Exodus and will be seeing them w/ Overkill in April. Still pretty pissed off b/c of you know who is next.....

I'm really working on trying to not bash SS. So I am going to mention what I did in the mean time while they were on stage: 1) Checked my e-mail 2) Checked facebook 3) Browsed through metalestlists 4) Browsed through Blabbermouth 5) Checked the score on NEB/TX a couple of times. This luckily was about 3/4 of their set. I think I will keep this free of hate w/ one exception......PULL THE TRIGGER BITCH. Ok that was the only one.

I cannot put into words how amazing Megadeth really was. Out of all the shows I've been to I'm not always 100% of the show most of the time. This day was the exception. This was about as close to a magical experience as i've ever had. I was one that stayed around after for autograph w/ Dave & Chris. The setup was a complete clusterfuck but when I got up there it was all worth it. Dave and Chris were both appreciative. I should have some amazing pics in the coming days. Ungodly amazing show.
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