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Originally Posted by BlackmoreOfBowling View Post
First of all, "Rocky Mountain Way" and "Life's Been Good" aren't Eagles songs. Second, Joe Walsh is a legendary guitar player who only played with the Eagles on 3 of their albums. He was vital in fusing a hybrid of funk and hard rock in the late 60s/early 70s with the James Gang (this technique would later catch on with bands like Deep Purple, and other prototypical heavy metal bands) and even taught Jimmy Page slide guitar. Say what you will about the Eagles, but his solo on "Hotel California" remains as one of the most fresh and cathartic solos charted.

Honestly, he's one of the finest surviving Classic Rock guitar players of this day and age and a hell of a guy to boot, and you're just butthurt that Caffery didn't play material from a band that maybe 3-5% of the audience knows existed...
Dude, who the fuck are you? Maybe if you'd take Joe Walsh's balls out of your mouth for a few seconds you'd realize that people have other tastes. Did I say Joe Walsh was a shitty person, and has not influenced anything? No, I said I personally hate The Eagles, and it was IN MY OPINION a stupid thing to do at a Trans-Siberian Orchestra show. Fuck you.

And secondly, I realized TSO's main audience demographic is older people who are all about Joe Walsh, but come on. They promised us a " hometown surprise " and even specifically mentioned Jon Oliva and others were in the building. I'm not taking away anything from people who like Joe Walsh or whatever, but being a big Savatage fan how can you guys not understand what I am saying?
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