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Originally Posted by Grimjack View Post
Back to the SET list, for those who care, it was the same exact show on the same date in Arizona minus Joe Walsh and those two cover tunes. Plus, instead of Believe, we got Jeff Scott Soto singing Dreams We Conceive. For my money, I wish TSO would use their vocalists more in the second half of the show; too many instrumentals for my taste.
Yeah, I saw that they were doing Dreams with JSS, which frankly is better than them (vocally) slaughtering Believe. It's one of the better songs on Night Castle.

And you are dead on about the second half of the show. It bothers me that they hire 8-10 vocalists to come on tour with them and barely use any of them. Again, especially since they have a lot of great songs which they could use them for. Case in point here is Rob Evan, who is now touring with East TSO singing An Angel Came Down/Returned. Rob sang What Child Is This, Back to a Reason, What is Christmas, Epiphany, and There Was a life on record, all of which are some of TSO's best songs. Yet Rob does nothing else in the show because they don't play any of these songs. It's just a waste.
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