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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I enjoy these kind of debates and think we need more of them personally.

Being one of the "old people" what Joe Walsh really means to me is James Gang. He is a musical genius for writing some of those riffs alone. I remember being 8 years old and seeing the James Gang Rides Again album with just those words on the cover and thinking WTF is this stupid shit? I threw the album on and when Funk #49 kicked in I was floored. I threw on the other album my brother had Thirds and the 1st song was Walk Away which was another incredible riff but catchier. To me James Gang was as influential on music as Steppenwolf, Deep Purple, Mountain and other bands from that era but rarely ever get credit for it.

That being said I bet if you polled the crowd before the show and asked them if they would rather have Joe Walsh come out and play Rocky Mountain Way and Life's Been Good or have the band play Gutter Ballet and Hall of the Mountain King it would have been at least 80% Joe Walsh.

I like Savatage but if you grew up in the 80's and had to be subjected to that hideous video for HotMK every single week on Headbangers Ball you would feel my pain. Vote for Joe! hahaha
I completely see your point, but as I said, to me, this isn't about Savatage material vs. Joe Walsh, but moreso I'm just kinda upset that instead of doing more of their own material (and great material at that) that they've been ignoring every year by doing the same show, they bring out these token classic rock artists, and it just doesn't fit with what the rest of the show is about.
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