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I don't think I have ever seen more people more missing the point.

@ Mankvill: I don't.

@ BlackmoreofBowling: How the fuck are you even considering the notion that TSO isn't a band? A long time before it became the absolute cash-grabbing phenomenon that it is today, TSO (aka Savatage, as it originally was, with varying singers) produced albums that, in addition to rearranging traditional Christmas songs, featured a lot of original songs (GREAT songs, I might add), wrapped in a conceptual package. The thought of not considering them an actual band seems like a preposterous idea to me. Maybe it's because I actually care about their own songs, as if it were any other band, Christmas-related or not.

@ Dimebag Rusty: No one cares that it's not Savatage related. At least I don't, I care that it's just random classic rock fodder that has nothing to do with what TSO is about. I actually would prefer TSO did less Savatage material, which is a subject I've not even touched on (though the absolutely horrendous rendition of Believe is a start). I need not even mention how stupid it is to bring Testament/Metal Church (or fuck, given the other former/current projects of touring TSO members: Megadeth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Journey, and Artension) into this discussion, because even if I were suggesting they do more Savatage material (which I'm not), it's not the same thing because the member's participation in each of those bands was minimal, or at least just one member, as opposed to the fact that the first 3 entire TSO albums were the exact lineup of Savatage, verbatim, aside from the additional varying vocalists.
Also, you mention families going to see them not being into metal/Savatage. I don't know about you, but my Grandmother doesn't know who Joe Walsh is either, nor would she, or pretty much any other member of my family care about seeing him perform two songs. I'm not personally outing him, but I mean to be honest at least most of the rest of the time TSO does something like this, it's at least for a real star with real hits. Not condoning it in general, but I guarantee you that the majority of the audience at this show were either indifferent or negative to the guest spot and deviation from general theme.
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