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Mankvill's Top 5 Worst Live Bands Of 2009
Flat-out gave the worst performances of the year.


Job For A Cowboy
July 21st
Kansas City, KS
Review HERE

I thought that maybe their newest album, "Ruination", would at least make them a bit more tolerable live, they still were completely disappointing. The small bits of "Knee Deep" and "Entombment Of A Machine" that I find appealing were lost on the big outdoor stages of Mayhem Fest.


Chester French
September 4th
Kansas City, KS
Review HERE

Chester French was an embarassment. They relied way too heavily on the "Look at us, we're white and we're rapping! How hilarious!" vibe that they doomed themselves to terrible self-parody by the end of their first song. Ironically, the second stage had Mac Lethal on it, a Caucasian Kansas City native rapper who has more hip-hop talent in one freestyle than Chester French has in two albums.


July 21st
Kansas City, KS
Review HERE

When you lose count of how many breakdowns are in a song within the first minute of the bands very first song, you know that the deathcore gimmick has worn out its welcome. Three guitarists (THREE) playing open-stringed breakdowns all the time is a good waste of instruments.


Suicide Silence
December 5th
Kansas City, MO
Review HERE

I can't explain to you how hilarious it is to hear for an Olly Sykes look-alike to call for a circle pit before every song, but the song contains nothing but breakdowns. What little talent there is in this band is wasted on by-the-books deathcore and mediocrity that even their hilariously bad lyrics can't even save them as a gimmick act.


Killswitch Engage
July 21st
Kansas City, KS
Review HERE

There comes a time when a fad has reached its peak and the biggest users of the fad are pulling at strings to remain on top. Killswitch Engage has resorted to being over the top "silly" and making fun of people who don't like their music (read: people with good taste in music). Pathetic.
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