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I can't stand crowd sufers either. I've been kicked in the head on a number of ocassions. But it's all on them they should realize how dumb the whole thing is. Everyone is looking at the stage so they aren't gonna see you coming up from behind so it doesn't make any sense we shouldn't have to look out for you idiots and ruin the enjoyment of the show were trying to watch. My bro had his knee messed up for a few weeks after a show because he didn't see a surfer behind him and the person landed on my bro's leg when he fell to the ground.

It's seems like such a simple concept if people don't see you coming why the hell would you crowd surf and put your well being in the hands of strangers at the show? I've never helped someone crowd surf before if they're stupid enough to do it they can land on their head for all I care.

At least with a mosh pit you can see where it is and can avoid it most of the time.
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