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Right now on their website (I think), you can vote for 5 songs for them to play on their upcoming European tour. I voted for:

The Final Chapter
Impotent God
Until The End
Attachment To The Ancestor
War Within

I'd also like to hear them play:

Black Magic (Slayer cover)
Then a solid medley with 2 full songs in a row off their first 5 albums:
Penetralia/God Is A Lie
Necronomicon/Inferior Devoties
Buried/Killing Art
A Coming Race/Adjusting The Sun

followed by a 4 song encore:
Legions Descend
Carved Up
The Fourth Dimension
Roswell 47

And the outro:
Slippin' Away/Drained

...for the traditional Hypocrisy fan! Sorry, nothing from Virus, Catch 22, Extreme Divinity. Fuck I'd die after this show.
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