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Megadeth -- Oklahoma City, OK -- December 3rd, 2009

My girlfriend, Lacee, and our friends, BJ and Phil, got to the venue super early. Waited in the car until people started showing up then Lacee and I went to wait in line and freeze our asses off while BJ and Phil sat in the car likes pussies. Finally got in after about 2 hours of waiting in line and got center rail. Gave Lacee money to get a shirt and CD so she could meet Dave Mustaine. Arcanium came on after about 45 minutes and they were nothing special. The keyboardist was pretty hot though, and the drummer was good.

Suicide Silence came on and the cock suckery began. BJ and I slowly and obviously put our ear plugs in and laughed. And I have to say...Suicide Silence is very tolerable if you have ear plugs in. The guitarist did some sweeps which surprised the shit out of us until he did the same exact one in another song. All their songs sucked and sounded the same and the vocalist is a huge faggot. Best part about their performance was the crowd surfers, because Phil and I punched the shit out of them. We hit a ton of cock sucking hardcore dancers this night. Phil hit one right in the tooth which caused his finger to bleed a lot. Doing this passed the time very quickly and before I knew it, Suicide Silence was off the stage.

Machine Head came on and I switched my girlfriend places so I could be on the rail. I screamed every word to Imperium and Rob Flynn stared at me and screamed back the entire time. Adam Duce smiled at Lacee and I a lot. During Struck A Nerve I had to shove Lacee back in front of me because a bunch of douche bags were smashing her which pissed me off and made me hit the crowd surfers even harder. Phil got two guitar picks from Rob and BJ got one, Phil gave me his extra one. After Struck A Nerve they brought the retarded looking guitarist from Suicide Silence on stage and played/sang happy birthday to him and then drank some beer. Then they played From This Day, which was unexpected because I don't think they've played it at any other show for this tour. The birthday guy stage dived and pissed security off. Halo was fucking amazing to hear/see live. I got goosebumps more than once. Suicide Silence came out to help sing Davidian, but I couldn't hear their pussy voices so it was ok. Machine Head puts on a great fucking show and I will definitely be seeing them again.

Ten Ton Hammer
Struck A Nerve
Happy Birthday
From This Day
Beautiful Mourning

Megadeth took forever to come on but when they did the entire place went fucking crazy and I almost thought I was going to get even more smashed than I was at the Lamb Of God show in Kansas City, so I grabbed the rail and held on as hard as I could so Lacee wouldn't be smashed and I pretty much stayed like that for the entire set except for when I had to cover our heads because of crowd surfers. The sound was great and that first solo was fucking amazing. Dave and Chris (who my girlfriend now wants to fuck) are some bad ass fucking guitarists. The crowd went nuts the whole time. Apparently last time Megadeth was in OKC it was for the Rust In Piece tour and Marty Friedman picked up two 15 year old girls and brought them with them all the way to Florida and the FBI followed them. The crowd thought this was hilarious. In the middle of Trust, Phil had to get picked up over the rail because he was dehydrated and about to pass out (pussy). Not too much longer after that BJ did the same thing but it was because he was so smashed. Security didn't help him over. The crowd fucking THREW his ass over. He went really fucking high and I thought he was going to bust his face on the stage but he walked off unscarred. Some dumb ass got over the rail without security noticing and jumped up on stage, but as soon as he did, security grabbed him and swung his ass to the ground and kicked him out. He got back in through the back door. Lacee was worried about Phil so we shoved our way through the crowd to the back to see if he was ok and he had already downed two bottles of water and seemed fine. For the rest of the show we sat and watched and looked at the pictures we got. During Holy Wars someone fucked up on the solo and BJ almost pissed himself out of surprise. After the show Lacee waited in line to meet Dave and security made me leave because I didn't have a wrist band so I went out to Machine Head's bus and got a picture with Rob Flynn and Dave McClain, then security made me leave the bus area. Dick heads. Waited for Lacee in the car and when she got in she was all giddy and excited about meeting Dave Mustaine and James Lomenzo. Dave told her she was beautiful so she was happy, which made me happy. Great fucking show overall.

Dialectic Chaos
This Day We Fight!
Wake Up Dead
Skin O' My Teeth
A Tout Le Monde
Tornado Of Souls
In My Darkest Hour
Sweating Bullets
Hangar 18
44 Minutes
Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due

If anything in this review doesn't make sense or looks fucked up, it's because the room I'm in at the moment doesn't have insulation and I can not feel my fucking fingers and I was trying to type that shit out as fast as I could.
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