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Ensiferum -- Worcester, MA -- December 4th, 2009


1. By The Dividing Stream
2. From Afar
3. Twilight Tavern
4. Little Dreamer
5. Elusive Reaches
6. Wanderer
7. Stone Cold Metal
8. Guardians Of Fate
9. Tale Of Revenge
10. Smoking Ruins
11. Slayer Of Light
12. One More Magic Potion
13. Tumman Virran Taa
14. The Longest Journey
15. Treacherous Gods
16. Lai Lai Hei
17. Iron
18. Battle Song

Hell yeah for getting both. I don't know if they planned it during the voting (the crowd was DEFINITELY louder for Battle Song), but once they finished Iron, over half of the crowd started chanting for the other one.

As for the other bands:

1. The Sword
2. Allegiance
3. Cinder
4. The Last We Wage
5. The Fallen
6. In Time
7. This Round's On Me

Ex Deo: (Partial, not in order)
Storm the Gates of Alesia
The Final War (Battle of Actium)
Legio XIII

Oh, also, though I really don't have much of an interest in Swashbuckle, they get points for their intro being "I'm On A Boat".
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