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Originally Posted by Mancubus View Post
Hoping that we get something like this. I'ts mostly mainstream since it's a mainstream festival

Main Stage
Faith No More
Lamb of God
Morbid Angel
So I guess you don't want many people to come to this years show do you I know this is what you would like to see but you gotta also think in terms of reality and how many people this would draw. Tool could get an OK ammount of fans but none of the other bands here have a big enough following in North America to sell out the amphitheaters that Mayhem is booked to play.

I can see Megadeth possible headling it to wrap up their current tour and possible AIC or Rob Zombie as the co-headliner. FNM would be cool as the first band on the main stage or headling one of the other stages. LOG needs to be on the second or third stage where people can mosh to them an amphlitheater/arena setting just doesn't fit them at all.
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