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Vader -- Hollywood, CA -- November 29th, 2009

This was the last metal show at the Key Club

Loved every minute of Lazarus A.D., Warbringer and Vader, didn't care about the other two bands Augury and The Amenta. I was very disappointed with Vader's ridiculously short set though. They played just for 50 minutes!

Lazarus A.D:
1. Last Breath
2. Absolute Power
3. Lust
4. Thou Shall Not Fear
5. The Onslaught Pt. 1 - Revolution
6. The Onslaught Pt. 2 - Rebirth

1. Jackal
2. Severed Reality
3. Living In A Whirlwind
4. Total War
5. At The Crack Of Doom
6. Prey For Death
7. Combat Shock

1. Devilizer
2. Sothis
3. Rise of the Undead
4. Never Say My Name
5. The Wrath
7. Shadow Fear
8. Carnal
9. Black to the Blind
9. Dark Age
10.This Is the War
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