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Originally Posted by Mancubus View Post
1. Carcass is above CoB. They sold out a venue that was twice as large what CoB last headlined at.

2. Marduk are about as popular as Whitechapel who were towards the bottom of last year's Mayhem fest.

3. Morbid Angel are the best selling death metal act of all time.

Actually, what I meant was Carcass opening for anyone other than another monumental death/grind act is blasphemy, so if they arent opening for CoB on your list they are opening for Unearth, which still sucks.

Carcass were able to sell out big shows because it was their massive reunion tour. I bet person for person CoB is more popular amongst "the kids" these days.
Same with Morbid Angel. Yes they are the best selling DM act, but that does not mean they are CURRENTLY selling more albums than all the new core/brutal dm bands out there. You'd get some old metalheads and a few people with good music taste but beyond that I doubt they are that popular with the new metal crowd.
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