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Originally Posted by Butcher of Birth View Post
Just to get my CD/Wristband and just see the concert from the back. I mean I've seen it twice before and I really wanted to meet The band.

I gotta say though, it makes me almost irate that half the people in the venue chanted "Dave! Dave! Dave!" and very few times did they ever chant "Megadeth!" which is sad... There is a whole band there, and they support one member, while Dave IS Megadeth, there still wouldn't be a Megadeth without the other people up there with him.
That's happened the last few times i've seen them live. Honestly I understand it. The lineup that most people became fans was the one from RIP thru CW and those are the guys people associate as being Megadeth. The lineup has changed so much that Dave is the only reconiseable guy in the band now to most fans including myself. I know the lineup from RIP to CW without even having to look it up. But if you asked me who the hell is playing in Megadeth now I couldn't even tell you anyone but Dave. He's changed the lineup too much that a lot of long time fans like myself have no time to learn who's playing with Dave now or grow an attachment to the rest of the guys because they aren't around for long.

Too be honest if some random long haired guy who looked like he belonged in a band said to me "I play in Megadeth now" I would really have no way to despute his claim because I have no idea from album to album now who's in the group all I know is Dave is still there and a lot of other fans feel that way thus you get the "Dave" chants now. When I saw them in 1994 and 1997 there weren't any "Dave" chants there were "Megadeth" chants. The guys Dave gets to play now are all very talented musicians no doubt but people don't have any kind of realation to them because the line up doesn't stay steady any more like it was from '90-'99.
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