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IRON MAIDEN - Live On Metalsetlist - Dec 18 th 2009 (virtual show)

It has been a while Metalsetlist ! The holidays are coming soon and whatís better to celebrate than an evening of Iron Maiden together. According to my search, my last virtual show here was on January 5 th, 2008. Almost 2 years ! Thatís a long time ! Well, the wait is over, on friday December the 18 th, IRON MAIDEN will make their grand return to the Metalsetlists virtual stage for a 2 hours + virtual performance of their divine music. The songs on the setlist will be from their long 30 years plus carreer, anything can happen, no concept this time, no frills, no gimmicks, just pure Iron Fucking Maiden !

For the opening act, you can have a say by voting for the band that you want to open on that night between AMON AMARTH, B L A Z E, CHILDREN OF BODOM, PANTERA, MEGADETH, or SLAYER. You have until December 11 th to cast your votes to give me time to come up with a solid setlist from the winner. You donít have to attend the virtual show to cast your votes even though that would be appreciated. The band with the most votes at the end of the poll on dec 11th will get a 70 minute set just before the mighty Iron Maiden.

the time set are north american eastern time:

opening act : 8:30 pm to 9:40 pm
Iron Maiden : 10:00 pm to midnight

p.s.: If you dont know what a virtual show is read the following:

Nothing too complicated, you see, I'm gonna start an IRON MAIDEN show with my headphones and some beer over here, just like a real one.For those who feel to listen to IRON fucking MAIDEN, play the songs too as soon as I post them on, I always leave a few seconds between songs to give you time to react. You are very welcome to post your thoughts and commentaries during the show that's what the fun is !!

Cheers !
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