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yes haha. I bought 2 Megadeth shirts at $35 each. They had, from what I saw 4 Tour Shirts. "Endgame" Cover, Dave Mustaine playing the Rust In Peace Guitar, Headcrusher, and one other, I think it was Vic unmasking the inmate. They had the standard "Megeadeth" logo t-shirt.

They had hoodies, the CD+Meet Dave was $20, Pack of Picks for $10, and the sweat bands.

Machine Head had 3 Designs, none of which seemed to have Tour Dates. One had a hand written design saying "MACHINE FUCKING HEAD", other was just a Blackening Logo type with the back reading "I can't wait for you to burn in hell" or something like that, and then they had one with the "Halo" design. Idr how much their shirts were, but they do look badass.


Oh other thing.... Suicide Silence were selling their merch OUTSIDE the venue, how fitting hahaha... because they suck
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