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Megadeth -- Orlando, FL -- November 27th, 2009

So the opening band should be playing after Suicide Silence, I'm going to start the review with that. If you are NOT a Suicide fan, they won't make you like their stuff, they seem to be there only for the 30-50 fans of theirs that might show up. Where as the opener, while not amazing, they have a groove and you'll end up saying "Wow, that wasn't so bad at all, I wouldn't mind seeing them again, but nope not buying their merch..."

So after the other two, Machine took around 20-25 Minutes to set up, they are tight, everything rolled into place and the sound check was very minimal, you can tell that all the touring for The Blackening has honed their skills for set-up. When all is said and done, 6 songs doesn't do justice for Machine Head, the WHOLE place was jamming to them, even my girlfriend. Side-Note; this was her 1st ever Metal show, she likes Iron Maiden...A LOT, some Megadeth, ect. I'm trying to bring her into the genre, and Machine Head impressed her, she was loving it! They are putting on one the best shows right now on the road, they are a truly GREAT band and them opening for Megadeth is fitting to say the least.

Machine Head:
Ten Ton Hammer
Struck A Nerve
Beautiful Mourning

Megadeth was Megadeth, they sound just like the album, the solo's are tight, and the sound is perfectly mixed, if you want to focus on the bass guitar, you can hear it, if you want just Chris' rhythm you can hear it. I gotta say, Chris is 100% Amazing and every solo he puts on this "Oh look how good I am" face and it's actually funny. He is cocky, but with this talent, he has the right to be.

Dialectic Chaos
This Day We Fight!
Wake Up Dead
Skin O' My Teeth
Head Crusher
A Tout Le Monde
Hook in Mouth
Tornado Of Souls
In My Darkest Hour
Sweating Bullets
44 Minutes
Hangar 18
Peace Sells
Symphony Of Destruction
Holy Wars

To Meet Dave and Whoever else shows up (James showed up at our table) you DO have to buy the new album "Endgame" for $20 and you get a wristband and Dave will only sign Endgame, you are not allowed to ask "Hey man, could you sign this?" because if you do, they have security right there and they will kick you out. All that aside, I still wanted to meet him. Flash Forward 20 minuted after the concert, they show up and I'm waiting, slowing getting closer, then there I am... I'm next. But before I meet him there is another fan talking something along the lines of "...she said because I didn't have the $2 dollars that I couldn't get it... So I'm fucked" and Dave looked disgusted by this and said "What?! Are you kidding me? Wow... You know what... Here..." and he reaches in his back pocket, gets his wallet, and throws are guy $2. Dave Mustaine, Lead Singer and Guitarist of Megadeth, had just given a fan $2 from his own pocket. Now $2 is a small amount yes, but it is so thoughtful that he would still do that.

In the end, Dave and James signed my copy of Endgame, and I even slipped James my band's demo saying "Hey, I met Shawn back in July at a drum clinic, he wanted to hear my band, could you give this to him?" and he said "sure man, no problem, thanks for just coming out!"

So My friend and I leave, and we meet up with the other half of our group and they say "dude! Chris is on the other side of the venue, lets see if he'll sign things?" so we progress that way and Chris is there, he signs our stuff and I say "Yeah, I love how when you are up there soloing you have that look like 'Yea I know I'm better than you' on your face" and he said "[laughs] yeah... I don't like saying that, but I do make it known "

And so we went to Burger King, and we all went home. So ends Megadeth: Pt. 3 for me!
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